Kurt Angle Reveals Why He Refuses To Erase Chris Benoit

Kurt Angle smiles in the ring

Kurt Angle isn’t ready to let go of his memories of Chris Benoit.

It’s no secret about what happened back in 2007 that caused WWE to effectively ban the Benoit name from ever being mentioned on the company’s programming. Despite the tragedy, WWE Hall of Famer, Kurt Angle says he has no plans on erasing the former World Heavyweight Champion from his own personal memory bank.

During a recent episode of his ‘Kurt Angle Show‘ podcast, Angle would explain why he wants to continue to remember his friend, because according to Angle, if he erased Benoit, he’d be erasing most of his own career:

“Oh, by the way. I did want to say this. I know that people don’t really care about me talking about Chris Benoit, but I’m not doing it for Chris Benoit. If I erase Chris Benoit, I’m going to erase most of my career. And I’m not going to erase myself. So, a lot of people might not agree with me having this show today talking about Chris and everything. I don’t condone what he did outside the ring, but what he did in the ring was phenomenal, and I love the guy for that.”

Angle last competed inside the squared circle when he lost his retirement match against Baron Corbin back at WrestleMania 35 in 2019. However, a major wrestling company recently offered Angle a multi-fight contract and more on which company that was can be found by clicking here.

H/t to Sportkeeda for the transciption.