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Kurt Angle Recalls Ric Flair Telling Him Not To Sign With WCW In 1996

Kurt Angle & Ric Flair

Kurt Angle has revealed that Ric Flair advised him not to sign with WCW following his victory at the 1996 Olympic Games.

Angle, who became a hot commodity following winning the Gold Medal at the Atlanta games, actually turned down both WCW and WWE initially, before eventually joining WWE in 1998.

Speaking on his podcast, The Kurt Angle Show, available via Ad Free Shows, Angle revealed that WCW made him an offer while he was holding talks with WWE following the Olympics. During the ‘Ask Kurt Anything’ episode, Angle was asked whether WCW had ever made an effort to try and sign him in 1996, seeing as he won his Gold Medal in their back yard of Atlanta.

Angle detailed how someone did get in contact, during the same period he was talking to WWE.

“Somebody did approach me. I’m not sure who it was, somebody called me and told me that they were interested, and they heard I was interested in WWE, because I just met with WWE. That week. This was the same week. This is right after the Olympics when Vince offered me that multi-million dollar deal.”

The wrestling machine went on to explain how he was told him to call Ric Flair to get advice on what to do and as a result he called Flair who told him not to sign with WCW as they would ‘bury’ him.

“Somebody called me and they said ‘Hey if you want advice call Ric Flair.’ So I called Ric Flair, they gave me his number. And I’m like ‘Ric how you doing It’s Kurt Angle.’ And he’s like ‘Oh my God, Kurt Angle I watched you in the Olympics! I really appreciate you wrestling, my son’s a wrestler.’ We started talking about wrestling. I said ‘Would it be smart to go to WCW?’ He said ‘hell no!’ He said ‘no way, they’re not going to use you right, you got to WCW Vince will take care of you. Don’t come to WCW, they’re gonna bury you.’ And Ric was working for WCW at the time! I thought, ‘he either doesn’t want me to take his spot, or he’s being honest!’ I think he was being honest.”

Kurt Angle declined to sign with WCW and WWE while also appearing at ECW’s High Incident at the behest of Shane Douglas. The infamous show saw Raven ‘crucify’ the Sandman, placing him on a cross with a crown of barbed wire wrapped around his head. Angle, a Catholic Christian, immediately left the area. He has since recalled threatening to sue ECW boss Paul Heyman over the incident.

1996 WCW saw the invasion of the nWo, led by Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Flair would spend much of the year defending WCW against the trio.

Meanwhile, Kurt Angle left professional wrestling behind in order to become a sports broadcaster. Angle would eventually sign with the WWE in August 1998, before debuting on WWE television late the following year.

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