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Kurt Angle Recalls Chris Benoit Ripping Up A 12 Page ‘Match Script’

Chris Benoit

Kurt Angle has recalled Chris Benoit ripping up a WWE Hall Of Famer’s twelve-page script for a match against him and leaving the arena, only to return five minutes before having to go to the ring.

Some wrestlers pride themselves on being able to ‘call it in the ring.’ Meaning they don’t plan much or anything at all before setting foot in the squared circle and tailoring their approach to the response they receive from the live crowd. Others prefer to have a detailed outline of exactly what will happen and when.

According to Kurt Angle on an edition of The Kurt Angle Show, the Olympic gold medallist revealed that Diamond Dallas Page belonged squarely in the latter’s camp. Page had once prepared a twelve-page script for a match with Chris Benoit, only to find it had been ripped to shreds and Benoit unable to be found until minutes before both men went to the ring.

Angle explained:

“Well, I didn’t work directly with him (DDP), so I didn’t know. I heard about it (DDP’s scripting), you know. Actually, Chris Benoit told me a story where DDP scripted a match where it was 12 pages long, type, and Chris was like, ‘You know what, screw this.’ He tore it up and left the arena, and DDP was looking for him to go over the match, and he couldn’t find Chris anywhere, and Chris didn’t show up until 5 minutes before the match so that DDP couldn’t have his scripted match. Chris basically carried him through their match; I guess that is what happened. So, Chris was trying to rib him back by not allowing the match to be scripted. That’s what I was told by Chris. I don’t know how true it but I actually believe Chris because he has been honest with everything he has ever said.”

Benoit and DDP never locked horns in the WWE with their last match against one another coming at WCW’s 1999 pay-per-view Road Wild. In a no disqualification match Benoit retained his WCW United States Title by defeating DDP.

Credit: The Kurt Angle Show

h/t Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription