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Kurt Angle – “Once You Get To That Level, You’re Involved With Vince”

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Kurt Angle has opened up about building a great relationship with Vince McMahon after becoming WWE Champion.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show in an episode dedicated to his rookie year in WWE, the Hall of Famer revealed that once he defeated The Rock for the WWE Championship at No Mercy 2000, he was in closer contact with the WWE Chairman than ever before.

“Vince connects with the guys that are making him the most money. When you’re the top guy and the world champion, you get access to his phone number, and you can call him whenever you want he will answer. He will call you whenever he wants and you will have to answer, so it goes both ways. Once you get to that level, you’re involved with Vince. That’s when you build a great relationship with him.”

Following the victory, Angle would go on to hold the WWE Championship for 135 days before the ‘Great One’ regained it following two Rock Bottoms at No Way Out 2001. This was to be only the first of four reigns the Olympic gold medallist would have with the title while working in WWE.

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