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Kurt Angle On What Caused “Pain Like I’ve Never Had In My Life”

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Kurt Angle has recalled the one spot that caused him pain like he had never felt before, and it came in a match with no shortage of dangerous spots and injuries.

In 2001 Angle found himself a busy man by the time King Of The Ring rolled around in June. Entering the King Of The Ring tournament that he had won in 2000 meant Angle would have to wrestle at least two matches in one night if he wanted to reclaim his crown. However, Angle had also found himself in an increasingly heated rivalry with the new supposed owner of WCW, Shane McMahon. The two men found themselves facing one another in a Street Fight at the King Of The Ring event.

Angle won his semi-final match to progress in the tournament, ensuring himself a chance at becoming back-to-back King Of The Ring but also ensuring he would have to now compete three times in one night. The Olympic gold medallist faced Edge in the tournament final only to fall to defeat to the future Rated R Superstar.

After two tough outings Angle still had McMahon to face in what would turn out to be one of the most brutal matches in living memory in WWE. Famed for the moment where Angle repeatedly tried to throw McMahon through some plate glass, there was another moment in the match that still makes Angle wince.

On their way to the stage from the ring, McMahon caught Angle with a suplex on to the floor. This cracked Angle’s tailbone and made the rest of the night even more difficult for the WWE Hall Of Famer.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show with co-host Conrad Thompson, Angle relived the painful memory:

“Yeah I cracked my tailbone, it was extremely painful. I never felt pain like that in my life. It ran down my legs, I could barely stand up and I knew I had to finish the match but I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it. I was clueless how I was going to finish the match because it hurt so bad.”

“Without a doubt, a 10 or 11, it was that painful. I never had pain like that, especially the way it ran down my legs. It grabbed a hold of my nerves that ran down my legs and it was just thumping the whole time. I couldn’t bend over, I had to stay standing up straight, my positioning was all messed up. I couldn’t really do much, I was supposed to carry Shane back to the ring after the glass spot and I couldn’t. Thank god I grabbed a cart to bring him back.”

As far as the suplex went, Angle revealed that despite preparing for the match he couldn’t help but call for that on the fly:

“No, this wasn’t even planned. I called an audible for some crazy ass reason in the middle of the match and I wanted Shane to take over and I told him to block this move and give me a suplex and he did. He wasn’t even supposed to do it, I was supposed to go straight to the glass. I couldn’t bend over or anything and I knew I had to get him through the glass. Of course, I break my tailbone right before I do the spot.”

Remembered to this day for the brutal suplexes Angle performed on McMahon to try and put him through the glass stage, Angle does not think we’ll ever see anything like it ever again.

Kurt Angle explained:

“I’m checking on Shane and I’m like are you okay and he’s like ‘Yeah, yeah I’m fine, throw me through the glass.’ I said it’s not working Shane, we have to move on. He said ‘You got to throw my ass through,’ so I was like okay, one more time. I tried it here and it didn’t work. I said ‘That’s it Shane we’re done,’ he said, ‘No, throw me through one more time,’ and I said, ‘Well, you’re going through head first.’ That was probably the worst thing I could’ve done to Shane because it cut him up badly. It cut me up too, my arm followed through and the glass fell down my arm and I got a lot of cuts from it. It was crazy. This whole night was just ridiculous, these spots here will never happen again period.”

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Credit: The Kurt Angle Show

h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcription