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Kurt Angle On The Wrestling Bump He Was Surprisingly Afraid To Take

Taz Suplex Kurt Angle

While Kurt Angle earned a reputation was one of the best wrestling technicians in the business, he was also never afraid to put his body on the line when the occasion called for it.

Throughout his career, Angle was often seen sailing from the top turnbuckle delivering a picture perfect Moonsault. While there were also times when he executed the move from the top of a steel cage, or even tumbled from the top of a ladder.

However, if you were thinking that Angle might have been apprehensive over any of those high-risk moves then you would surpassingly be wrong.

Speaking on a recent episode of The Kurt Angle Show, the Olympian revealed that the move he was actually afraid to take was surprisingly mundane.

“I’m a wuss… I’m afraid to go backward over top of the rope. I always have to turn my head over. I was always scared of doing it, I never really learned how. Going over the top rope isn’t high enough to go backward, I know I’m going to do a full flip off a cage.”

Angle has also recently lifted the lid on his WWE departure in 2006. The former world champion opened up about being in bad shape, saying that he was “in a state of turmoil.” Angle went to to recall that he was so out of control he went as far as leaving Vince McMahon threatening messages.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.