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Kurt Angle On Jamie Noble – “One Of The Best Agents We Have”

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle has praised long-time WWE producer Jamie Noble, comparing him to WWE Hall of Famers who held that job for years.

Noble has worked as a producer in WWE since the end of his in-ring career in late 2009. The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion has been ever-present in that role since with the company.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Angle praised Noble:

“Jamie Noble’s as smart as they get. With experience, because he’s been wrestling, probably, in the business 20 years- with a few more years experience he’s gonna be up there with Michael Hayes and Pat Patterson. He’s got all the tools, he is really well educated in the business. He’s one of the best agents/producers that we have right now.”

Noble had two spells in WWE beginning in 2002, winning the WWE Cruiserweight Championship a few weeks after his debut. The most notable story in his second run with the company came as an underdog who was able to finally win a match by defeating Chuck Palumbo.

Noble returned as an on-screen character in 2014 alongside fellow producer Joey Mercury. The two would be known as J and J Security and were aligned with The Authority. The two would make a nuisance of themselves to opponents of Seth Rollins, often protecting him to their own detriment.

Kurt Angle also discussed the Randy Orton/Rey Mysterio feud after the death of Eddie Guerrero. Angle explained that an infamous line from one Orton interview was ‘fair game.’

Credit: The Kurt Angle Show