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Kurt Angle On His ‘Welcome To WWE’ Moment

Kurt Angle

Speaking on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle has revealed his ‘Welcome to WWE’ moment and how Jerry Brisco introduced him to the business with a brilliant prank.

Angle made his WWE debut at the 1999 Survivor Series, taking on & defeating Shawn Stasiak. His ‘gimmick’ was clear, as a real Olympic Gold medalist in the 1996 Olympic Games, he was an ‘All American’. But Vince McMahon wanted to take it a little step further than wearing ‘just’ his one gold medal.

Vince McMahon wanted me to wear the gold medal, but he wanted me to wear 25 gold medals! He wanted me to have an overwhelming amount. He wanted me to wear all those medals, so before I’d go out to the arena, I’d put the medals on and I’d do my promo, you know, all that stuff.

Angle agreed to wear multiple medals, new to the business he didn’t know right from wrong. So much so that he also listened to Jerry Brisco’s ‘advice’ that he should be wearing all the medals at all times, regardless if he was on TV or not.

But when I came back, I took them off, and Jerry Brisco said, ‘Hey you have to wear those everywhere.’ And I was like, ‘What are you talking about?’ He said, ‘Well that’s your character now, so you’re gonna have to wear them wherever you go’ and so I started wearing them every day.

It wasn’t until Angle ran into Vince backstage where Vince actually asked him why he had the medals around his neck. To Kurt’s bemusement (and Brisco’s amusement of course) McMahon revealed that it was only in the arena that he had to wear them. We can only imagine what Kurt must’ve looked like walking around outside the arena’s proudly wearing his multiple medals.

Then one week, I walked in the arena with the medals on,” Angle explained, “and Vince was there and he’s like, ‘What are you doing with your medals on?’ I said ‘Jerry said I have to wear them all the time.’ He said no you don’t have to wear them when you go out of the arena.

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