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Kurt Angle – “Jeff Hardy Needs To Look At Himself In The Mirror”

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WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle has commented on the situation surrounding Jeff Hardy that saw Hardy released from WWE for refusing to go to rehab.

Jeff Hardy was let go from his WWE contract on December 9th after displaying erratic behaviour at a live event and being sent home the following day. It was then reported that the former WWE Champion had refused the company’s offer to send him to rehab leading to his departure.

Matt Hardy has since commented on his brother’s decision and says he believes Jeff was right as he didn’t feel he needed that level of intervention. Jeff Hardy himself has been seen on a recent tour where he appears to be looking happy and healthy in pictures with fans.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show, the Olympic gold medallist says Jeff Hardy needs to be able to look himself in the mirror and be happy with the decisions he makes but adds that he thinks Hardy should seek help:

“I’ve been through it, I think Jeff needs to look himself in the mirror and see what he wants to do. Does he want to change or does he want to stay the same? I personally think he does need help but that’s something that he needs to deal with inside himself. He needs to realize what’s important in his life, is it the stuff or is it his family and his job? It really comes down to Jeff making the decision on his own.”

Kurt Angle has been open about his struggles with addiction in the past and has previously claimed that he may have “died” had he not left WWE in 2006.

h/t Wrestling Inc.