Kurt Angle Recalls Hilarious Incident With The Rock In The Ring

Kurt Angle with Ankle Lock on The Rock

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle has told the story of a time he gave The Rock milk after a match and things went downhill quickly.

During his time in WWE, one of the things Kurt Angle was known for – besides being one of the best wrestlers on the planet – was his wholesome persona and love of a fresh carton of milk.

The Olympic Gold Medallist was often seen recreating Stone Cold Steve Austin’s beer parties, but instead of Austin’s beverage of choice, Angle liked nothing more than a nice cold hit of calcium.

He even went as far as hosing down the Austin-led ECW/WCW alliance with milk years after the Texas Rattlesnake did the same to Vince McMahon’s Corporation with beer.

However, there was one occasion where things went a bit off and the victim of the accident was none other than The Rock.

In a post on social media, Angle recalled giving The Great One a carton of milk after a match but the pair quickly realised things were a bit off. Well, mainly the milk.

“True story!!!! After our match, I offered @therock a carton of milk as a friendly gesture but neither did The Rock nor I knew the milk was sitting in a hot room for days!

“It was sour as F#CK and the milk curdled into a cottage cheese texture. As you can see The Rock spit it out!!”