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Kurt Angle Reveals The Greatest Wrestler He Ever Faced

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle has named the greatest wrestler that he ever faced, saying they will go down as the most popular WWE Superstar in history.

Throughout his career, Kurt Angle shared the ring with some of the greatest wrestlers and biggest names to ever lace up a pair of boots.

During his time in WWE Angle faced the likes of Shawn Michaels, The Rock, Triple H, The Undertaker and Eddie Guerrero to just name a few. However, the man himself says that one name stands out above all others.

Appearing on The Zaslow Show, Angle named Stone Cold Steve Austin as the greatest wrestler that he ever shared a ring with. Angle initially discussed Austin’s potential return to the ring at WrestleMania 38, commenting that it was “sad” that the Hall of Famer had to retire in 2003 due to long-standing neck issues.

When asked where Austin ranked among the best wrestlers he had ever faced, Angle was unequivocal.

“Number one,” Angle said. “His character was so strong. People absolutely loved him or they hated him when he was a heel. But his intensity in the ring is unmatched. His in-ring psychology is incredible. He’s one of the very few guys that can improvise out in the ring and change the spots and change things and go back to what it was originally. He knows how to improvise very well. So he has all the knacks for business. This guy will go down in history as the absolute most popular WWE Superstar.”

On March 8th, Stone Cold Steve Austin accepted Kevin Owens’ challenge to meet him at WrestleMania 38. In the clip accepting the challenge, Austin said that Owens had awakened something he had kept buried for 19 years, before promising to open up one last can of whoop-ass on the former World Champion.

It’s unclear as to whether Austin will be competing in a match, getting physical in a KO Show segment, or a mixture of the two.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.