Kurt Angle Made Major Career Move Following Advice From A Psychic

Kurt Angle Hall of Fame

Kurt Angle has discussed his options after winning Olympic gold in 1996 and how his career almost took a different direction if it wasn’t for a psychic.

Angle’s amateur career in wrestling helped propel him into the spotlight of WWE three years after he won his Olympic gold medal in Atlanta. However, things could have been so very different for the WWE Hall of Famer.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show, Angle revealed that Hollywood was calling his name but the intervention of a psychic put paid to any notion of making a name for himself on the silver screen:

“In 1996, after the Olympics, I actually went to L.A. I had a friend of mine … You know Dennis Miller? … His brother is Jimmy, he owns Mosaic Talent. He manages Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell, all the big stars … He brought me out to LA after the Olympics and we met with production companies and he was getting me really fired up. He wanted me to move out there.”

“A [different] friend of mine got me a gift, an interview with a psychic. I go to the psychic … The psychic said that if I went out to L.A. right now, all I would do is waste my money from the Olympics … I decided not to go.”

Kurt Angle recently appeared on WWE Raw in his hometown of Pittsburgh where he recreated a famous scene with his longtime partner and rival, Edge.

h/t Wrestling Inc.