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Kurt Angle Explains Why Vince Bans Certain Moves

Kurt Angle slams Big Show

Kurt Angle has discussed Vince McMahon banning certain moves in WWE.Over the years, various moves have disappeared from the WWE ring, some re-emerge over time, such as Seth Rollins stomp, and some go for good.On his news podcast, The Kurt Angle Show, the Olympic gold-medallist discusses McMahon’s decisions for banning certain moves.

Angle explains:

“Well, they started banning moves. It was something that happened instantly. Vince McMahon just said, hey, from now on, no more over the head belly-to-bellies. We’re gonna crack down on germans unless you’re Kurt or Brock, and Chris Benoit, because we were hitting the germans pretty safely, so he didn’t want to paint us in a corner where we were limited. Our german move is a big part of our offense. He was forbidding moves from occurring. The chair shots, the piledriver, the german suplex, belly-to-belly suplex over the head. These were all banned from other wrestlers, and rightfully so.”

“[A] piledriver can be serious if you don’t do it right. The thing is, one little slip can cause insurmountable damage. I understand why they made it illegal. You’re not allowed to use it because there are people that have gotten injured, but most of the time nobody does get injured from it. I just think that you take a chance when you do something like that.”

Famously, in 1997, Stone Cold Steve Austin suffered severe neck damage when a piledriver from Owen Hart went wrong at SummerSlam. WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle is no stranger to injury himself, as he underwent neck surgery himself in 2003. The WWE Grand Slam winner also famously won his Olympic gold medal in 1996 with a “broken freakin’ neck.”

Kurt Angle discusses a wide range of topics on his podcast, including which match netted him the biggest payday.

Credit: The Kurt Angle Show

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