Kurt Angle Dismisses Reports Of Heat With WWE Superstar Baron Corbin

Kurt Angle Dismisses Reports Of Heat With WWE Superstar Baron Corbin

Kurt Angle was recently asked if there was any animosity between him and Baron Corbin.

Angle appeared on The Kurt Angle Show, where he addressed the issue, stating that he doesn’t have heat with Corbin, although the former King of the Ring wasn’t Angle’s first choice to retire him. Angle said:

I do not have heat with Baron Corbin. He wasn’t my first choice to retire me at WrestleMania, I’ve made that very well-known, but I didn’t mind having him there. I didn’t mind wrestling him.

Angle also discussed his issues with Corbin’s character and that he feels WWE didn’t give him enough of an opportunity to prove himself. Angle had this to say:

The problem with Baron is, right after he beat me, they pushed him really hard. He won King of the Ring, became King Corbin, and then they changed it to Happy Corbin. I don’t know what the hell they were thinking. At that point, he was kind of dwindling down, and then they came back with the Lone Wolf Baron Corbin. He started coming back up again. I don’t think he’s had the opportunity that he deserves. They could push him a little harder and he’d be in a much better place if they did that.

Meanwhile, since the encounter with Angle, Corbin has made a surprising move back to NXT, where Baron Corbin took on Gable Steveson in a match at NXT The Great American Bash.

What Is Kurt Angle Doing Now?

Since his retirement, Angle has started a podcast where he speaks on different matches from his career, including recently where Kurt Angle shared his thoughts on what was his favourite match he’d ever had. Angle also runs a supplement company called Physically Fit.

Angle has also made sporadic appearances with the WWE since his retirement, most recently appearing as a special guest referee on Raw is 30.

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