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Kurt Angle Recalls Particularly Disgusting Stinkface – “He Didn’t Wipe His A**”

Kurt Angle Rikishi

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recalled being on the receiving end of a particularly stinky Stinkface after Rikishi decided to rib the Olympic gold medalist!

After multiple character changes in WWF that included being both a Headshrinker and a Sultan, Rikishi debuted his most recognizable persona in late 1999. He gained popularity dancing alongside Too Cool, but he’s perhaps most well known for his signature Stinkface, which sees him put his behind in an opponent’s face to great humiliation.

Kurt Angle had the unfortunate task of receiving one of these Stinkfaces, and it was on a day that Rikishi decided not to clean himself after using the bathroom. Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show (available via AdFreeShows), the former WWE Champion recalled how he “wanted to kill” the giant Samoan after the disgusting rib.

“One time he gave me the stink face and the bastard took a poop during the day and he didn’t wipe his ass. He buried his butt right in my face and it stunk so badly and he told me afterward what he did. I mean, I wanted to kill him but man, he’s such a big ass dude and he’s a badass and he’s Samoan, I’m not going to mess with him. There was nothing I could do.”

Both men have gone on to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, with Rikishi being inducted in 2015 and Angle in 2017.

On another recent episode of The Kurt Angle Show, the Olympian shared that while he is currently retired, he refuses to rule out returning to the ring now that he’s gotten himself in better shape.

“I started training hard again to get my body back in shape and, not that I’m planning on wrestling, but I want to keep the option open. I’ve been training a lot of physical therapy training, working on my smaller muscles, my core, everything like that. I lost a lot during this pandemic, I couldn’t even walk in a straight line, my balance was off, my strength was off and I was going through a really difficult time. I went through a lot of depression too.

With all of that, I’m trying to work myself into pretty good shape. I don’t expect myself to be what I used to be 10 years ago but I would take 5 years ago over anything. If I’m able to feel as good as I did five years ago, I will probably wrestle. But right now, I don’t plan on it.”

Angle also recently revealed that he’s been offered multiple contracts from AEW, and though he turned down the offers, he was highly complimentary of AEW President Tony Khan.

h/t WrestlingInc for the transcription