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Kurt Angle Discusses What Ended His Brother’s WWE Career

Kurt Angle & Eric Angle

While Kurt Angle is a name that is know by wrestling fans the world over. The WWE Hall of Famer wasn’t the only member of the Angle family once signed by WWE.

Eric Angle, Kurt’s older brother initially signed with WWE in the year 2000. Eric first appeared at that years Survivor Series helping Kurt retain his WWE Championship.

Off the back of this initial foray, Eric signed a developmental contract with the company, joining OVW. However, save from a couple of appearances on SmackDown, again helping his brother, the elder Angle was unable to follow in Kurt’s footsteps. Eric was released by WWE in 2003.

Reflecting on his brother’s time in the company on The Kurt Angle Show, the former Olympian suggested that Eric suffered right off the bat from being compared to his successful younger brother. Speaking on an episode looking back at Judgement Day 2001, Angle said that his brother was progressing well, just not as quickly as he did.

“Well, my brother was getting it; he just wasn’t getting as quickly as I did. I think the company was comparing him to me. But he was getting it. He was learning. He was improving dramatically,”

However, the real issues began when Eric suffered a serious triceps injury. The problem required surgery, but the operation was far from a total success.

The unfortunate incident of him tearing his triceps. The tendon right off the bone of his elbow, and he had to have surgery. So when he had surgery, you know, the Doctor performer the surgery, and the next thing, my brother was in excruciating pain. He went back to the hospital and said that there is something going on in my arm; I need to take this cast off. They said, ‘Don’t worry. It’s just from the surgery. The pain will go away. So, the next day, he went back to the hospital, said the same thing. They told him don’t worry about it, go home and rest,”

Angle continued explaining that his brother eventually lost patience and sawed his own cast off. At this point he discovered that he’d developed an infection, but the hospital refused to take any responsibility for the problem.

“So the third day, he didn’t have a saw, and he wanted to saw off the cast himself. So he went to the home depot and sawed off the cast. When he did, he looked at the incision, and there was a huge infection; and he pushed on the incision, and all this yellow, red pus came out. He went directly to the hospital after home depot, and he said, ‘Look, I told you there was an infection.’ But the hospital, to protect their a**, and from liability, said in the report that my brother sawed off his cast and got an infection by sawing off his cast. You don’t get an infection in ten minutes. He was at the home depot ten minutes prior to when he went to the hospital,”

The Olympic Gold Medallist closed by saying that the incident ended Eric’s career, but he remains thankful to WWE for paying for the surgery.

“So, they did that just to cover their a**, and it ended my brother’s career. He couldn’t sue the doctor or the hospital. WWE let him go, and thank god they paid for his surgery before they let him go, which was pretty cool,”

Following his excursion into the world of professional wrestling, Eric Angle returned to his regular job as a personal trainer.

Meanwhile Kurt Angle went on to enjoy one of the greatest careers in pro wrestling history. The WWE Hall of Famer retired at WrestleMania 35 in 2019.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.