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Kurt Angle Details “The Best Time I Had In My Career”

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle has spoken about what he calls the best time in his career, where he was able to focus on the entertainment side of the wrestling business.

Angle was answering questions on The Kurt Angle Show podcast when he was asked about his backstage segments in 2001 with Stone Cold Steve Austin. The two WWE Superstars were joined by Vince McMahon in hilarious backstage skits that are still fondly remembered today.

The Olympic gold medallist explained:

“That was so much fun, it was the best time I had in my career. I think the reason we started it is because Steve and I got injured at the pay-per-view. I wrestled Shane [McMahon] at the King Of The Ring and I think Steve wrestled Booker T and we both hurt our backs. So they didn’t want two of the top guys in the company to be sitting at home. So Vince [McMahon] said ‘We’re gonna entertain the fans in the best way we can. We’re gonna use Austin and Kurt, they’ve got great chemistry, they’re completely opposite characters and Vince McMahon’s gonna be right in there with them. We’re gonna make a little team and we’re gonna be a bunch of idiots.'”

“It was so much fun doing that and it was so hard not to laugh when we were doing the pre-tapes. If you would’ve laughed Vince would’ve gotten mad and probably would’ve said ‘You’re Fired!’ so we weren’t gonna be able to enjoy the pay-per-view until the director said cut. Then everybody would break out laughing, it was so much fun.”

“The one in particular with Austin was the milk truck incident which was incredible. The cowboy hats, singing with guitars, we had a lot of fun.”

The trio’s comedic performances were cut short in July 2001. Steve Austin turned his back on the WWF and joined the Alliance. That led to the memorable ‘Milk-O-Mania’ segment on Raw. Where Angle doused Austin and the Alliance with milk after charging to the ring in a milk truck.

Kurt Angle also named his five all-time WrestleMania dream opponents. The eclectic list included former WWE Champions as well as The Best There Is, The Best There Was, And The Best There Ever Will Be.

Credit: The Kurt Angle Show

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