Kurt Angle Says CM Punk’s Conduct At The Post-All Out Media Scrum Was “Inexcusable”

CM Punk AEW Media Scrum

Following his victory in the main event of AEW All Out, CM Punk embarked on an explosive rant in the post-show media scrum. The ramifications of which are still being felt more than six weeks on.

Incredibly, CM Punk had only just won the AEW World Championship for a second time when he decided it was time to air his grievances against a number of his colleagues in All Elite Wrestling. Punk took aim at Adam Page, Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks and Colt Cabana, all the while AEW President Tony Khan was seated just feet away.

These comments than sparked a brawl backstage involving Punk, Ace Steel and The Elite. The end result was a number of suspensions and an investigation which is still ongoing.

CM Punk’s Conduct Was “Inexcusable”

During a recent Q&A episode of his podcast The Kurt Angle Show, the WWE Hall of Famer was asked what Vince McMahon’s reaction would have been had he been in Tony Khan’s position. In a simple response, Angle said McMahon “would have lost his sh*t.”

With regard to his own feelings towards Punk, Angle said that he doesn’t know him that well but is happy to presume that he’s a “good guy.” Although he branded his conduct at the media scrum “inexcusable.”

“I don’t know CM Punk enough to say what kind of person he is… I’d be willing to just say he’s a good guy,” Angle explains, “but what he did at that press conference was inexcusable.”

“It’s tough because I understand why he was upset… but the way he acted at the press conference, I don’t think was very professional.”

As the fallout from the incident continues, it has been reported that it is “doubtful” that CM Punk will return to AEW. Instead there have been talks regarding a contract buy-out which would see him leave the company. Meanwhile, Ace Steel has already departed.

H/t to Wrestling Inc