Kurt Angle Claims WWE Hall Of Famer Had To Be “High As A Kite” When Planning Matches

Kurt Angle

Over the course of his legendary career, Kurt Angle has put together matches with some of the best in the wrestling business. Now he has revealed that one creative star would take some time to get high before they could plan their matches out.

The Olympic Gold Medallist dedicated the most recent edition of The Kurt Angle Show to Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam. The pair clashed multiple times in both WWE and TNA – now IMPACT Wrestling – and Angle has recalled RVD’s process for planning their matches.

“Well, this is what Rob did. You go to Rob and say, ‘Hey Rob we have a match tonight’. He’d say, ‘Okay. Give me five minutes’. He would go outside and smoke for five minutes, get high as a kite, and then come back in and he was full of ideas.”

Angle went on to explain why he found Van Dam to be underrated, especially for his promos.

“He is very underrated from a promo standpoint. He’s articulate, he does it in his own way like whole, ‘Hey dude, I don’t really care dude.’ But he’s actually surprisingly good at that. I would have loved to have a program, a long program with him. That would’ve been my favorite program I think.”

Kurt Angle thinks TNA could have given RVD a better push

During the same episode, Kurt Angle claimed TNA could have utilised Van Dam better, but admitted the ECW Original’s carefree attitude could have held him back.

“They could have given him a better push. Definitely. I don’t know if they thought that he didn’t care because he had that I don’t care attitude. They might not have known Rob as well as I did, but Rob deserved a better push than he got.”

H/T to Essentially Sports for the above transcription.