Kurt Angle Recalls Bat Mishap That Left Sting Needing Stitches

Sting Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle has recalled an unfortunate incident with a baseball bat that left WCW icon and AEW star Sting in need of some medical attention.

WWE Hall of Famers Sting and Kurt Angle both have storied careers that are best remembered for their runs in WCW and WWE respectively. But it wasn’t until both men were in TNA – now IMPACT Wrestling – that their paths crossed.

At times the two men were fierce rivals for the TNA World Championship and at others the two men put differences aside, most famously partnering as part of the Main Event Mafia group.

Now taking to social media, Kurt Angle has shared a clip of what can go wrong in a wrestling match, especially when a baseball bat is involved. Angle can be seen swinging the bat at the Stinger’s head which The Icon was supposed to stop, however, things went astray and Sting was left bleeding heavily:

“The time I busted @stingerwide open! It wasn’t supposed to happen. He was supposed to catch the bat but the bat snuck past his hands and nailed his forehead. Sting was a bloody mess after this match and had to get multiple stitches. #wrestlingbloopers”

Sting continues to breathe new life into his illustrious career through his exploits in AEW. The six-time WCW World Champion is undefeated in AEW, competing in tag team matches chiefly with his protege, Darby Allin.