Kurt Angle Explains Why Farewell Match With AJ Styles Was “So Embarrassing”

Kurt Angle AJ Styles

Kurt Angle has discussed one of the final matches of his career with AJ Styles and explained why he thinks it showcased none of the “real Kurt Angle.”

Kurt Angle hung up his boots after an iconic career at WrestleMania 35 where he was defeated by Baron Corbin. Prior to that match, Angle went on a short farewell tour of sorts as he got to pick the stars he wanted to face as his career wound down.

One of those men was Angle’s old rival from TNA, AJ Styles. Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show, the Olympic gold medallist discussed why the match with Styles did not go the way he wanted with it ending in a no contest in just two and a half minutes due to interference from Randy Orton:

“The thing was, I requested this match to Vince McMahon. I had the farewell tour and they allowed me to request certain matches, and I requested AJ Styles and Samoa Joe over any other WWE wrestler and I made sure I got those two.”

“AJ and I went out there, it was three minutes and we kicked ass for three minutes. But what’re you going to do? There was no finish and it just kind of sucked. Unfortunately for AJ and I, it wasn’t the finish that we wanted.”

“Not the way I wanted to end my career, and Randy Orton did not get up for me on the Angle Slam. This match was so embarrassing, it showed no traces of the real Kurt Angle. It was like the old beat-up Kurt Angle with the quad injury, no finish, it was just horrible.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.