Kurt Angle Admits Regret Over Controversial Segment

Kurt Angle

During his WWE career, Kurt Angle was involved in some incredibly famous and well-remembered segments, but equally, there are some he’s not especially proud of.

Before making his “official” WWE debut at Survivor Series in 1999, Angle featured on the March 7th episode of Sunday Night Heat. While Angle didn’t wrestle, he was involved in an altercation with Tiger Ali Singh who was playing the role of an anti-American heel at the time.

In the segment, Singh offered Angle $5000 to blow his nose on the American flag. Obviously, Angle refused and ended up blowing his nose on Singh’s Indian flag instead.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show about his training and early WWE career, Angle said that felt really bad about the segment.

“Yeah, blowing my nose on the Indian flag. Hey, it wasn’t my idea. But I understand. I mean, that is very disrespectful. But it’s something that WWE wrote. And I didn’t think about it beforehand, I didn’t have a problem with it. But once I caught heat for it. I was like, Man, I really messed up.

I mean, I feel really bad about that. There’s no reason to do that. I do understand that back then, it was a little safer to do that kind of stuff than it is now. But I wasn’t proud of myself for doing that. I should have known better.”

Kurt Angle Recalls Trying To Quit WWE

During the same episode, Kurt Angle took a look back at his time in WWE developmental, which was a far crum from the NXT system that exists today. The WWE Hall of Famer said that training with Dory Funk Jr. and Tom Prichard was so physically tough that he tried to quit on his very first day, only to be talked around by his manager.

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