KSI Responds To The Miz Claiming He “Doesn’t Have Enough Clout” To Fight Him


YouTube star KSI has hit back at The Miz’s claim he doesn’t have enough clout to get in the ring with him.

Over the last decade, KSI has made his name as a YouTube star. He started off his channel in 2009 with commentary on the FIFA video games.

He later began to use the platform to vlog and post comedy videos and now has over 24 million subscribers on YouTube alone.

The star also has a successful rap career and has released two studio albums as well as numerous singles and EPs.

In 2018, he entered the world of celebrity boxing and has taken on WWE Superstar and fellow YouTuber Logan Paul twice, with the first ending in a majority draw while the second saw KSI take the victory via split decision.

On top of this, the star co-founded Thirst-Quencher Prime-Hydration alongside Paul.

Despite his accomplishments, one man who doesn’t think he has “enough clout” is The Miz. The former WWE Champion recently told MuscleMan Malcolm on Instagram that a fight wouldn’t happen between the two.

“I don’t think KSI has enough clout to get to me. He’s too busy with his Prime energy drink or hydration drink.”

Responding to the slight, the YouTuber hit back, claiming more people would watch him “take a s***” than watch Miz fight.

“Who the f*** is The Miz? Who the f*** is The Miz? I don’t have enough clout? Bro I have too much clout. I can take a s*** and more people would watch me take a s*** than see you fight mate.”

H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription.