KSI Names His WWE Dream Match


YouTube star KSI made a surprise appearance at WrestleMania 39, attempting to assist Logan Paul in his match against Seth Rollins.

Paul made his entrance in grand style, flying down to the ring on a zipline in a scene reminiscent of Shawn Michaels‘ iconic WrestleMania 12 entrance. Once he was on the ground, he was joined by a life-sized mascot for his PRIME energy drink which stayed at ringside throughout the bout.

However, when Seth Rollins was on the outside, it was revealed that none other than KSI was inside the costume, helping co-promote the energy drink he shares with Paul.

KSI attempted to help Paul pick up the victory, but as Paul took a large drink of PRIME to spit into the air, Rollins switched places with KSI on the announce table and Paul splashed his business partner by accident. From there, Rollins had the momentum and eventually put Paul away with a Superkick and a Stomp.

KSI has his sights set on Bobby Lashley

Speaking to Cathy Kelley backstage after the match, KSI spoke about his appearance on the Grandest Stage Of Them All.

“No one knew it was me. I guess a few fans were speculating, ‘Could it? Surely not.’ I tried putting something on my story like, ‘Oh, I’m leaving LA,’ just to trick some of my fans.

“When I came in on the stage and out the ring and bouncing around, everyone was like, ‘Who is it?’ It was one point, where I was blocking people’s way and they were screaming behind me being like, ‘Get out the way, you’re too big, I can’t see!’

“I started kneeling to not block people’s view. ‘Ah, Logan needs help,’ dragged him out. Seth, scary dude.”

When asked if there was anyone he would like to face in the company, the YouTuber and boxer said he wanted to face “the best”, naming Bobby Lashley.

“you never know. If I was to choose an opponent, oh my Gosh, Bobby Lashley. (Rey) is a legend, an icon. Bobby Lashley, put me in with the beast. Why not. He’s literally triple me. I’m up for the challenge. YOLO.”

Lashley was originally meant to face Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 39, however, The Eater Of The Worlds has been sidelined in recent weeks and is unlikely to appear on the show.

Instead, The All Mighty entered and won the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal on the latest edition of SmackDown.

With a new report revealing that the Andre The Giant trophy has been sent to the site of WrestleMania, it seems likely he will make an appearance at the event, although whether he takes on KSI remains to be seen.

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription