Kris Statlander Undergoes Successful Knee Surgery

Kris Statlander

AEW star Kris Statlander has undergone successful knee surgery following a recent injury to her ACL.

Last month, Kris Statlander revealed that she had “completely torn” her ACL and lateral meniscus at a recent AEW taping and confirmed that her injury would require surgery.

On the August 16th edition of AEW’s ‘Road to…’ series on YouTube, Statlander spoke about how the injury occurred:

“Last week, we did a live rampage in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I believe, and we filmed some Dark matches, and I did a big boot, which I don’t really do often. But I decided to do it, and when I landed, my foot, my knee buckled on me. After getting an MRI, I have a completely torn ACL. My lateral meniscus is torn, and there is lateral impaction fractures in my tibial and femoral heads. So just tiny little cracks that are more of a bruise, but still, technically a broken leg.”

This isn’t the first time that Statlander has suffered an ACL injury. She missed much of 2020 after suffering the same injury in her other leg and she unfortunately looks set for another lengthy spell on the sidelines:

“So recovery time, it’s about six-to-eight months post-operation. Once we got the MRI, we were hoping it was just a meniscus tear. That would have either been a few weeks to three months, at most. But now that we know the ACL is completely torn, that’s the one you don’t want to get, children. So if you ever think about blowing out your knees, don’t tear your ACL, because it’s the long one.

So it could be six-to-eight months. Hopefully, closer to six, considering I know what I have to do, I’ve done this before I came back. bigger, better, more galactic, stronger than ever. I’m going to just take this opportunity to do that one more time because I fall down two times and get up three. So, I’m just trying to stay positive, gotta make the jokes.

It’s the only way you get through it… Whenever my return is, I’m really looking forward to being able to feel it in the crowd. So, thank you all for supporting me through this time.”

On September 7th, Kris Stalander tweeted out a picture of herself from her hospital bed, confirming she had undergone surgery.

Statlander was seemingly set for a push prior to her injury and was ranked second in the official AEW rankings as of August 3rd.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.