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Kris Statlander Responds To Criticism Of Her Alien Character

Kris Statlander

Kris Statlander has responded to critics of her alien persona that she has portrayed throughout much of her wrestling career.

‘The Galaxy’s Greatest Alien’ made her AEW debut at the end of November 2019. A few weeks later it was announced that the company had signed Statlander to a contract becoming a regular on the weekly Wednesday Dynamite shows.

Kris Statlander recently returned to action for AEW when she emerged from a claw machine during the Arcade Anarchy match between Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor and the team of Miro and Kip Sabian. This was a return after almost nine months out of action following an ACL injury.

Speaking to Tony Schiavone and Aubrey Edwards on the AEW Unrestricted podcast, Statlander gave her thoughts on some of the criticism she has faced for portraying a wrestling alien.

Statlander began by explaining her new look since returning:

“With the new look, because I know there’s a lot of criticism about ‘how is she an alien? All she does is have some dots and lines on her face and stuff like that. So I wanted to make it more visual for fans to kind of understand a little bit better. Just because I say I’m an alien or whatever, you can interpret whatever you don’t know, however, you want. If that’s how I interpreted it, that’s fine. It’s my take on it, but I feel like this look is so much better, and doing it on this side with the purple hair, the whole idea is that this is the alien hair coming out of my head.”

Statlander continued, saying that some fans see a similarity between her look and that of an old TV show:

“So that’s why the green is on this side, and that’s the real skin. This is the real hair, the contact [and] the real eyeball and so I saw some things on Twitter where people are like, ‘Oh, this reminds me of V,’ which I think it’s short for ‘The Visitors.’ It was some TV show back in like the [’80s] where they had green reptile skin peeled underneath. They peeled away the human skin underneath the reptile skin, and I was like, ‘Oh, I didn’t even try that,’ but because there is actually something that it looks similar to, now there’s something that people can actually relate it to, which makes it more believable that it’s a thing.”

“But then, again, people still criticize. ‘Oh, the alien thing is dumb and stuff.’ That’s fine. You don’t have to like it. It doesn’t mean I’m a bad wrestler or anything. I don’t even care if people don’t like the character. I always find it funny when people are like, ‘Oh, I think Kris is awesome. She just has a dumb gimmick,’ and it’s like, that’s great. I don’t care. I don’t care if you don’t like the character. It’s what I feel comfortable with portraying myself, but if you think I’m a good wrestler, that’s all I care about. That’s all I need to hear.”

Since her return to television, Kris Statlander has been aligned with the Best Friends and Orange Cassidy. Cassidy faces possibly his biggest match to date on AEW Dynamite on the 12th of May. He faces Pac in an AEW Championship Eliminator with the winner going on to challenge Kenny Omega for the AEW Title at Double Or Nothing.

Credit: AEW Unrestricted

h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcription