Kota Ibushi Hits Back At Recent Criticism

Kota Ibushi

Kota Ibushi has addressed criticism of his performance in the latest AEW Blood & Guts match.

The Golden Star was the last man to be announced for Kenny Omega and the rest of The Golden Elite’s team and the last man to enter the bloody war against The Blackpool Combat Club.

Over the course of the match, the ring became littered with thumbtacks, shattered glass, and the remains of broken tables. After Ibushi entered, fans thought he seemed slower than expected and didn’t seem to be as involved in the match as he could have been. Many put it down to ring rust due to it only being the former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion’s third match since he returned from a lengthy period on the shelf with a shoulder injury.

However, Ibushi himself has taken to social media to offer his own explanation, saying he hasn’t taken the sharp objects into account and had worn thin-soled boots. On top of this, he has also had issues with his ankles.

“I’m home. It’s my fault that I didn’t know thumbtacks and glass after all this time.

“I have thin wrestling shoes, so it penetrated and it was just painful from the middle, and I ended up moving like an old man. I’m sorry!

“Far from being unable to kick, both ankles were stiff. Life with a cane for the first time in my life No, I’ll be cured tomorrow! That is Kota Ibushi!”

Who won AEW Blood & Guts?

The Blackpool Combat Club and Golden Elite used everything at their disposal to try to end their months-long feud during the Blood & Guts match. The ring ended up littered with thumbtacks, glass, tables, and bodies.

The tide turned in The Golden Elite’s favour when Pac and Takeshita abandoned their allies in the cage. The bout reached a brutal ending when Jon Moxley, who was handcuffed to the ropes, threw in the towel for his team after ‘Hangman’ Adam Page and Matt Jackson began viciously choking Wheeler Yuta with a chain.