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Kota Ibushi Calls Out “Sexually Harassing” NJPW Bosses, Believes He Will Be Fired

Kota Ibushi

Kota Ibushi has strongly come out against New Japan Pro Wrestling management, making a series of claims regarding “power harassment,” promising to expose “abnormalities.”

The situation regarding Kota Ibushi’s unhappiness with New Japan management continues to intensify and shows no sign of slowing down.

On May 10th, the star unleased a series of messages on social media, including screenshots of conversations between himself Kikuchi, who is part of New Japan’s talent relations department.

In the messages, Ibushi threatened to expose “sexually harassing bosses” and a series of what he called “power harassments.”

“I’ll expose all about the former cheaters-gun (already returned) and the sexually harassing bosses, from the company president’s lies to his unreasonable power harassment this time,

“Get prepared for this! ToSpo (Tokyo Sports) and TV Asahi too. I don’t care.”

The screenshots between Ibushi and Kikuchi, show that the latter threatened to cancel Ibushi’s contract with New Japan after he appeared on a Just Tap Out show on March 4th. An appearance that wasn’t approved by Kikuchi.

Furthermore, it was reported by Voices of Wrestling, that there had been “massive heat” between the pair since 2018. More recently, Kikuchi had wanted Ibushi back for Wrestle Kingdom, after he suffered a shoulder injury at the G1 Climax.

However, Ibushi reportedly said that he wouldn’t wrestle until his shoulder was fully heeled. He later told New Japan that he was fit enough to appear in the New Japan Cup and was reportedly booked to win. This plan was quickly changed by Kikuchi who pulled the star from the tournament on the word of a “minor concern” from a doctor, “infuriating” Ibushi in the process.

The former IWGP Heavyweight Champion continued, calling out “power harassment” and revealing that he expects to be fired.

“This is the power harassment that happens daily to the non home-grown talents. I don’t think I’ve ever asked if I could return by a phone call. Of course, I’ve never had a single meeting and that LINE message (the threat message) suddenly came for the first time in months. This is outrageous if you think about it normally. I can release every LINE messages.

I didn’t mind but it felt wrong to stay quiet. I’m really calm and collected. I don’t know what makes me (officially) fired but saying it via LINE message shows Kikuchi’s personality and the president’s instruction. There are too many other things to talk about but you’ll know it soon. The truth can’t be concealed. I’m totally calm. I was just disappointed that this low-level person (Kikuchi) was my boss and felt sorry that I faced power harassment (from him).”

Ibushi said that what he had seen was “so dark” and there were “unbelievable things” happening, before reiterating that he expects to be fired.

In a flurry of new messages on May 12th, Kota Ibushi again went on the offensive, commenting that New Japan’s culture of letting bad things slide was “abnormal” before threating to “expose all of it.”

All translation and transcription in this article comes from @golden_kuma

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