Konnan Confirms Talks Between WWE And Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega

Amidst speculation about Kenny Omega’s AEW future, Konnan confirmed that the former AEW World Champion was in talks with rival promotion WWE.

Speaking in a new interview with Haus of Wrestling, Konnan discussed the process of booking El Hijo del Vikingo’s most recent defenses of the AAA Mega Championship, saying the company wanted to bring in Omega but weren’t sure where he stood with his AEW contract.

“Originally we were going to bring in Omega but he was still negotiating with AEW and he wasn’t sure if he was going to stay or not. So, we couldn’t commit, and he didn’t want to come here until he signed. So, that was out the window, boom. And then, after that, we asked for a couple of people from AEW and they weren’t available.

“Then we got another guy who was hurt, and, basically, what we got, was Swerve. Which I don’t have a problem with because he may not have the name value as other people but he’s an incredible wrestler, I worked with him in Lucha Underground and Ricochet had actually recommended him to me. I think the match will be great because Rich Swann is great. You’ve got one guy from AEW, one guy from Impact, and then you’ve got Komander.”

Kenny Omega and El Hijo del Vikingo did end up meeting face to face on the March 22nd episode of Dynamite in a bout that was highly praised by fans and critics alike.

Kenny Omega Had Talks With WWE

While some reports indicated that Omega’s AEW contract was originally set to expire in January, it was later revealed that time had been added onto his contract to account for his time away from the company due to injury, though there is no word on exactly how much time that is.

To add further intrigue to the situation, it has been said that Omega is potentially open-minded regarding a switch. Meanwhile, WWE is expected to “go hard” to sign a number of top AEW stars as their contracts expire.

When asked if Omega had officially signed a new deal with AEW, Konnan replied that he wasn’t sure, and confirmed that their rival sports entertainment giant had indeed been speaking with the star as well.

“I’m assuming. I never really asked him but there are plans for him in the future so I’m thinking he already signed. But, you know, he wasn’t sure if he was going to stay and WWE was talking to him. You know? So, we couldn’t get him to commit.”

As for Omega himself, he stated in a recent interview that he hasn’t made any decisions either way as “the spidey sense hasn’t been triggered yet.

h/t Haus of Wrestling