Konnan Claims Eddie Kingston & Santana Almost Got Into Physical Altercation Over Proud N’ Powerful Dissention


Konnan recently took to the “Keepin’ It 100” podcast.

During so, he took questions from fans on a multitude of topics.

Konnan Sheds Some Light On Eddie Kingston & Santana Situation

Konnan was asked about whether or not Ortiz and Santana were communicating with each other.

“It breaks my heart because I spent a lot of time with them and I’ve said before that they’re like my sons. I heard it almost got physical with Santana and Kingston over this. It’s not a good look, bro. I really hate seeing that these two guys who could have gone to WWE and really fu**ing blown up, that they separated. I can see Santana when his contract is up, leaving.

Ortiz is very chill and laid back. Santana is more of a hot head. Ortiz’s was like, ‘Hey, they ain’t doing sh*t with us’, and Santana’s like, ‘They ain’t doing sh*t with us’, and he’s right. Ortiz is more like ‘We’re getting paid and are taken care of’, and he was comfortable in his role and Santana wants more.”

Konnan also spoke about his rumored heat that he potentially had with Sheamus.

“I remember specifically what happened. We were in Nashville and WWE happened to be in Nashville that day. Jeff had this big party at some fu**ing private bar, which is very sweet, and he invited all his WWE friends. I remember Braun Strowman, and OC, and Rey Mysterio, and Sheamus was there. Sheamus was talking to Rey. Rey goes, ‘Do you know my boy Konnan?’ He turned around and said, ‘Oh, yea, he’s always burying me. What do you have against me?’

I go, ‘Well, I don’t even know you. It’s nothing personal. It’s your work rate. I don’t like your matches. Don’t take it personal. That’s just my opinion. What do you care what I think?’ He just turned around and ignored me, and then later on in the night, he did come up to me and he goes, ‘Hey man. I’m sorry if I got out of line and sh*t.’ I said, ‘It’s all good’, but he did ask me about it. But bro, I mean that Sheamus and this Sheamus are two different people. This guy right now is super, super, super over and the people love him.”

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