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Kofi Kingston Believed WWE Would Pull New Day From Street Fighter Showdown With The Elite

Kofi Kingston New Day The Elite

The New Day’s Kofi Kingston has discussed his team’s video game duel with The Elite that he was sure was going to get nixed by WWE.

Back in 2018, The New Day went head to head with Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks in a Street Fighter V battle at E3. The Elite was at the height of their Bullet Club fame and were just months away from starring at All In before going on to help found All Elite Wrestling.

Speaking to the Battleground podcast, former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston discussed breaking down the forbidden door to take part in the showdown, that he was sure was going to be cancelled by WWE:

“We talk about working with The Elite all the time, having a six-man with The Elite. We kind of tested it a little bit when we played them at Street Fighter. That wasn’t supposed to happen. We thought, at some point, it was going to get pulled.”

“‘Wait a minute, we know who these guys are, you can’t be socialising and acknowledging people from other universes,’ but here we are. It’s crazy and it’s a great thing.”

Kingston then discussed the upcoming Royal Rumble where he will take part in the men’s Rumble match. He adds that the vaunted forbidden door is adding even more excitement to this year’s event:

“The Royal Rumble, you always look to it to wonder who is going to come out. In the past, you assumed it was going to be someone who was in WWE in the past or WCW in the past, but now, for us to be openly crossing bridges and opening Forbidden Doors, it’s really exciting.”

h/t Fightful