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More Details Behind Kofi Kingston’s Early Royal Rumble Elimination Reportedly Revealed

Kofi Kingston

Further details have emerged on Kofi Kingston’s early exit from the Royal Rumble match, including spots that were planned for later.

Over the years, Kofi Kingston has become a highlight of Royal Rumble matches with his risky and innovative methods of preventing his elimination. From climbing barriers to walking on his hands, if there’s a chance Kingston can avoid his feet touching the floor, he’ll take it.

However, things don’t always go according to plan, and this year’s Rumble match was one of those occasions. No sooner than the former WWE Champion entered the match than Kevin Owens shoved him off the top rope.

Kingston valiantly attempted to save himself by grabbing the barricade, but it was too late as his feet had already briefly made contact with the ground, ending his Rumble appearance in under 30 seconds.

Following the elimination, the New Day member joked on Twitter that “It is Better to Try and Fail Than Never to Try at All”

Soon after the spot, wrestling journalist Bryan Alvarez took to Twitter to confirm it was mistimed and noted that further spots had been planned for later in the bout.

“Kofi’s big spot was mistimed and he was legitimately eliminated when he wasn’t supposed to be, there were spots planned later with Big E out there.”

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