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Kofi Kingston Reveals Why He Once Deliberately Urinated On A Toilet Seat

In one of the more bizarre stories to emerge this week, former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston has opened up about the time he deliberately peed on a toilet seat!

This week’s episode of The New Day: Feel the Power was somewhat of a celebration of defecation, with Kingston telling tales of the toilet troubles having children entails, before revealing why he urinated on a toilet seat in Barcelona.

Kofi Kingston: “This is a lifetime’s worth of building where there’s pee on the seats and I can’t stand it. So, you know what? And this is a confession, I said, ‘You know what? I’m going to do it too.’ It was my turn.”


Kofi Kingston: “THAT’S RIGHT, I DID IT! I went to the toilet seat and I pissed all over that seat with conviction and purpose because I’m tired of it. Why am I the one that always has to go clean up the piss? I’ve spent my entire life getting the pee into the bowl and if anything ever gets on the seat, I’ll clean it up. But not this time. I think it was in Barcelona, I did it on purpose. I pissed all over the seat.”

Kingston went on to reveal how he waited for the next person to go in and heard him cursing in Spanish, saying they knew how he felt for many years in that moment.

Credit: The New Day: Feel the Power

H/T: WrestleZone