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Kofi Kingston Reveals Which Former WWE Star Was The Biggest Locker Room Prankster

Kofi Kingston

Former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston has saw many talents come and go in WWE during his lengthy tenure with the company, but who is the biggest prankster in the locker room

Speaking with Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy for Inside The Ropes Magazine, we asked former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston 20 questions and got some unique and bizarre answers to the questions that won’t be asked in any other wrestling interview!

If you want to know Kofi Kingston’s cheat meal, the movie the New Day star has seen the most and the one song Kofi would listen to for the rest of his life, check out Issue 10 of Inside The Ropes Magazine, where Kingston made the revelation of who is the biggest prankster he’s ever met!

“Without a doubt – Sin Cara! Every single day. He just spends all day messing with people. Every single moment of every day, he’s always messing with people.”

Meanwhile, Sin Cara, now named Cinta De Oro, recently also caught up with Gary Cassidy for Inside The Ropes, noting how he was indeed somewhat of a prankster himself.

“I’m a funny guy when you get to know me, I like to have fun and, even when we used to wrestle, I would always say things to the boys because you couldn’t see my mouth moving. So, as I was working, I would always say funny stuff where I would talk to them in Spanish and they would be like, ‘What the hell is this guy saying?'”

The former Sin Cara also revealed how he pranked Braun Strowman in particular.

“With Braun, it was a lot of fun because he wanted to learn, he wanted to become better. He knew that he had an amazing opportunity in his hands – and now you can see he’s doing great. So it’s fun to be able to see somebody grow from that, from where I started with him to where he is now. We had a match and I think it was one of the tours, I can’t remember where – I think it was Lima, Peru, or somewhere – where we do the face-off. He’s huge so we’d do the face off and that day was cold. And me being me, I told him, I was like, ‘You know your nipples are really hard, right?’ And he’s like, ‘Shut up, don’t make me laugh. Don’t make me laugh.’ Then we started wrestling, he started kicking my butt… He was like, ‘You BSer!’ But it was a lot of fun, he’s a great guy – so I’m glad that I got to work with him.”

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