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Kofi Kingston Reveals Secret To Success With Strictly Advice For Jamie Laing

Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston, aside from being a fantastic wrestler, knows how to do two things extremely well – dance…and WIN!

Well, that’s precisely what Jamie Laing hopes to do on Strictly Come Dancing, and the former WWE Champion had some advice for the Made In Chelsea star! Laing is a regular at WWE Live events and has apparently even danced WITH The New Day, so Kingston made sure to remind him of the advice he was given.

“Jamie, yes, sir, yes, sir. Congratulations, man, you’ve been out there moving those hips and I know – or at least I hope – you will be using the moves that I taught you. If you really want to win the competition, you need to go watch Kofi Kingston slash New Day tapes and really study the moves that we do with our hips.”

Kingston continued, revealing that the secret to his success in WWE was all in the hips!

“If you like winning, you better swivel your hips just like this, the judges won’t be able to help but to elevate you straight to the top. Good luck, my friend, do well and most importantly, like seriously, like, shake your hips around, man. They can’t… I don’t know how they can deny you. I mean, Look what it’s for me. 21-time champion in WWE, what can I say? It’s all is because of these hips… Yeah. It’s in the hips, baby. In the hips, baby. Yeah. Good luck, Jamie.”

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