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Kofi Kingston Replaces The Miz In WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match

Kofi Kingston Replaces The Miz

On the February 15th edition of WWE Monday Night RAW, The Miz withdrew himself from the upcoming WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match, however, later on in the show Kofi Kingston would capitalise and book his ticket to the upcoming PPV event.

During the show’s opening segment, an edition of Miz TV with Drew McIntyre, the former WWE Champion criticised McIntyre’s handling of former best friend Sheamus’ brutal betrayal stating had that been him it would have never happened. During the segments climax, the ‘Scottish Warrior’ planted a vicious Headbutt onto The Miz before tossing his Money in the Bank Briefcase into the venue rafters.

As McIntyre marched away, The Miz recovered and wielded the microphone one last time responding to Edge’s comments on last weeks edition of RAW, insisting that if Edge wanted to talk about high stakes then let him join in:

“I’m removing myself from the Elimination Chamber Match!” – The Miz

Later on the show following an attempt from The Miz to convince Adam Pearce to insert partner John Morrison into the match, The Miz faced-off against former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston for the right to enter the Elimination Chamber Match.

Kingston ,despite nursing a knee injury, was able to pick up the pinfall victory over ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’ banishing both him and John Morrison from the Elimination Chamber match and bringing himself one step closer to KofiMania 2.

Kingston last won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 35 defeating Daniel Bryan in the culmination of a storied rivalry that saw The New Day member topple institutional push back and abuse of authority power before achieving his ultimate goal- capturing the biggest prize in the WWE.

Full Live Results from tonights show can be found on ITRWrestling.com alongside the latest updates and viewing information for the upcoming Elimination Chamber PPV.