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Kofi Kingston Prioritises Mustafa Ali For Singles Clash

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New Day member and former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston has marked Mustafa Ali as a priority opponent for a future singles outing.

While Ali and the former WWE Champion have some history between the ropes with RETRIBUTION targeting New Day over the past few months, the renegade leader has every right to be bitter about Kofi’s prior success becoming WWE Champion at WrestleMania 35.

After being removed from the 2019 WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match due to injury and replaced by Kofi Kingston, Ali watched as the master of Trouble in Paradise put in a performance worthy of remembrance that may not have earned him the strap but did manage to capture the hearts and minds of the paying public.

The outcome of his chamber performance was the hugely popular KofiMania which swept the company en-route to WrestleMania 35 and earned him a singles WWE Championship Match against Daniel Bryan in which he prevailed to make history.

Now, Kingston has joined Bleacher Report in order to discuss his ongoing feud with Mustafa Ali and the history between the pair while singling him out as a priority for a singles outing:

“Honestly, I would like to face Ali at some point because as I mentioned before, we all know that I was the one who took his spot in the Elimination Chamber, sparking the greatest moment in my career.

He’s been pretty bitter about that, and I think there’s some potential there. I feel bad sometimes that I had to be the one to take his spot because nobody wants to get injured. No one wants to see that happen to anybody, and I know how he’s feeling. I would like to close that chapter.”

According to the stalwart, he is now interested in rekindling old rivalries such as the feud with Randy Orton which many believed should have been his breakout moment. Mustafa Ali falls into this category seeing as the pair have never had a singles bout:

“I’m a big fan of things that seem like ancient history and bringing them back,” Kingston said. “For example, the rivalry between myself and Randy Orton. We all know what happened in 2009 or in 2010 when my trajectory was pretty good and I was doing all right. Randy and I had a match, some things happened in that match, he got very upset, and I had to grind for the next decade-plus to bring that storyline back after I finally became WWE champion.

People remember that kind of stuff, so I think it’d be cool to touch back on that with Ali. He’s doing his thing with Retribution right now, but that’d be something I would love.”

Kofi Kingston was one of the six former champions to compete in the 2021 Elimination Chamber on February 21, but was eliminated by a vicious Brogue Kick by ‘The Celtic Warrior’ Sheamus.

Credit for the interview and transcription: Bleacher Report