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Kofi Kingston On Ali – “You Must Have Lost Your Damn Mind”

Kofi Kingston eating pancake

Kofi Kingston has got some strong words for Ali.The New Day member is currently recovering from an injured jaw but took to Twitter to address the Retribution leader.

Ali himself had posted his own message on social media where he discussed targeting Kingston’s partner, Xavier Woods.It was Kingston who replaced Ali in an Elimination Chamber match 2 years ago.This match led to ‘Kofi-Mania’ and would see Kingston topple Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 35.

Kingston said:

“You’ve been holding onto this for two years, which is crazy that you’ve been holding onto this with such hate and vigour and vitriol and anger. This belief and notion that I am responsible for taking your spot when you are the one who got hurt. All I did was fill in and go on to win the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. You think this moment should have been yours, and instead of going after the person that actually took you out, the person that hurt you, you have placed the blame on me, which makes no sense.”

Kingston would continue, commenting on Ali’s allegiance with Retribution:

“I’ve been watching you over the past few months and I’ve seen you with RETRIBUTION. You’re wearing these costumes and masks and I thought you might have lost your mind. Now, it’s all but confirmed, you must have lost your damn mind. You wait til I’m injured to address this issue. You know that I’m not there even though I’ve been on the same roster as you for the last year or two, you could have addressed it at any time, but you wait until I’m gone. I’m gonna be back. It might be a while, it might be sooner than you think. When I do come back, we’re going to address this issue face-to-face and get down to the bottom of it and figure out what’s really going on. See you when I see you. This dude done lost his damn mind, bruh!”

Kofi Kingston will no doubt be looking to return to action in time for the Royal Rumble event. Kingston has become known over the years for finding ever more creative ways to avoid elimination in the Rumble match itself.

h/t to Fightful for the transcription