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Kofi Kingston Comments On Mickie James Entering The Royal Rumble

Mickie James Slammiversary

Kofi Kingston has admitted that Mickie James’ upcoming Royal Rumble appearance has only heightened the intrigue around the event as fans no longer know what to expect.

On the January 7th episode of SmackDown, WWE announced a whole raft of entrants into the women’s Royal Rumble match. The list included a number of current Superstars as well as Hall of Famer’s Lita and the Bella Twins. However, there was one name which stood out far more than any other. That of former Women’s Champion Mickie James.

Not only had James been openly critical of WWE since being released by the company back in April 2021, she is also the current IMPACT Knockouts Champion. A fact which was acknowledged on WWE television.

It has since been reported that WWE are also looking at other ‘Forbidden Door’ entrants in the men’s Royal Rumble. As the event edges ever nearer, speculation has continued to rise, with many wondering whether Cody Rhodes may make an appearance after it was revealed that he is now a free agent.

Speaking to Bleav In Pro Wrestling, Royal Rumble entrant Kofi Kingston said that he’s excited that James is coming back to WWE. The former World Champion explained that by announcing that the IMPACT star was appearing, it only increased the intrigue around the whole event.

“It’s so Mickie, you know what I mean? I love it. You know, Mickie to me has been like an older sister throughout my entire career. So I’m really excited just to see her, just so we can b.s. a little bit and go back and forth. But I was real happy when I heard that and I think a lot of the fans were happy too because now the intrigue is there, right? Like, what other doors are we gonna open? Who else is gonna be there?

Now you really have your eyes on the Royal Rumble because I think we’ve done a great job at bringing people back from the past who have been with WWE and that’s one of the main things of the Royal Rumble – one of the main levels of intrigue and excitement that the Royal Rumble brings. It just gives a whole new level because you really have no idea. It can literally be anybody from anywhere coming in at any time.”

Over the course of his WWE career, Kofi Kingston has developed a reputation for his remarkable and unusual exploits in the Royal Rumble. If there’s a unique way to avoid elimination, Kingston has probably done it.

Reflecting on his Rumble antics, Kingston revealed that surprisingly little thought goes into the highly popular spots.

“You’d be surprised at how little I do cook on these – on the Royal Rumble,” Kingston said. “But now that you start to talk about it, I’m like, man this is right around the corner. Maybe I should start thinking about what’s going on out there. But you know, we’ll see what happens, man. We’ll see what happens. It’ll be a great show regardless.”

The Royal Rumble is set to take place on Saturday January 29th in St Louis, Missouri.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.