Kofi Kingston Hails Rising WWE Star As A “Super Athlete”

Kofi Kingston

WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston had high praise for one of NXT’s fastest-rising stars.

The star in question has taken NXT and the internet by storm. Sol Ruca is one of the brand’s standout performers with her amazing feats of athleticism turning her into a viral sensation.

Kingston was a guest on the Out of Character podcast. During the interview, the former WWE Champion was asked to share his thoughts on Ruca. Kingston’s response shone further light on her already bright future.

“Oh my god, she’s a super athlete. Some of the videos she posts on social media, like her doing pistol squats on a balance bar… If I tried to do a pistol squat right now, my knee would laugh at me, explode, and disappear. I can’t do that. It’ll be like Avengers, you know I’m saying, where Thanos snapped his fingers. I’m out of here man, I can’t do that.

She surfs too, right? Just a super athlete, man. Even her finishing move where she does the inverted up and over into the cutter… what the? How? How, dude? How do you even have the guts to try that in front of a live crowd and nail it every single time?”

This Isn’t First Time Kofi Kingston Has Praised Sol Ruca

Footage of Ruca’s impressive performances on NXT and NXT Level Up has gone viral across social media. One such moment took place at New Year’s Evil. During the Women’s No.1 Contender Battle Royal Ruca avoided elimination due to a supreme display of athleticism. The viral video caught the eye of Kingston who was blown away by her inventive antics.

Ruca, whose real name is Calyx Hampton, is a champion gymnast who has only been wrestling for a short period of time. She was signed to a developmental deal and reported to the Performance Center after being successful in her try-out in March 2022.

Since signing with WWE, she has appeared regularly on NXT and Level Up. During her matches, Ruca has shone brightly. Kingston has witnessed her rise through the ranks first-hand as one-half of the NXT Tag Team Champions.

While in NXT, the New Day member is more than impressed with what he has seen and believes the future of WWE is in good hands.

“Like I said man, the future is bright for WWE because these guys and girls in NXT are amazing. The raw athleticism is great, and it’s only gonna get better with experience in the ring and matches and promos and all of that stuff, so when it’s all said and done, Sol, among others, everyone’s gonna be just awesome. It’s gonna be such a great product to watch.”

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