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Kofi Kingston Discusses Being “P*ssed” At New Day Split

The New Day

Kofi Kingston has discussed how upset he was when WWE split The New Day up in the Draft in 2020 with Big E being left as a solo act on SmackDown.

In the 2020 WWE Draft, Stephanie McMahon announced that WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston had been drafted by RAW. With the whole New Day in the ring when the announcement was made, confusion clearly turned to unhappiness as McMahon then explained that Big E was to stay put on SmackDown. This was the first time The New Day had been split up since the group debuted together in 2014.

Speaking to ComicBook, former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston has discussed the break-up and his true feelings about it:

“So first thing, and you see this when it happened, I’m really, really upset, I was p*ssed. I was like, “Why would you break us up? We sell an incredible amount of merchandise. The thing that we do, we bounce off each other so well to the point where there’s no one that can do what we do, why would you put us on different shows?” I was really, really hot.”

On reflection, however, Kofi Kingston came to the realisation that the split was going to be beneficial for Big E to showcase his skills as a solo act. Those benefits saw Big E climb the highest ladder in WWE as he became WWE Champion when he cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase:

“But after I calmed down a little bit, I realised that it was really for the better because Big E and I said this for a while, he has always deserved a chance to shine, he’s always deserved a chance to be the face of the company. And in order for him to do that, you really had to allow him to show that he could do it on his own, that he could be on his own and go out and perform at a high level. So, it was for the better. It was for the better for him to be able to go out and step out on his own and do his thing. So, for us, we never looked at it as a breakup per se.”

“A lot of people were, “Oh, you guys have broken up.” It’s like, “No, we’re just diversifying our investments, where Big E goes over to SmackDown, he takes over, over there.” He became Intercontinental Champion with the quickness. Myself and Woods, we became tag team champions, and now we’re doing it again. And then he becomes Mr. Money in the Bank over there. He ends up doing exactly what we planned on having him do, and exactly what he planned on doing, getting to the top of the ladder, and it wasn’t even a pun intended, but being at the top of the food chain at the top of the mountain.”

With Big E now WWE Champion on RAW, that means The New Day is back together once again. For Kingston, the plan was always to come back together again but in the ever-changing world of WWE, he could only believe it was going to happen when it did:

“So yeah, man, we come back together now and we’re stronger. We’ve all grown as performers, so that was always the plan. That was always the plan. I never really put stake in what anybody says, because things are always changing multiple times on the daily. You’d be so surprised if you knew how much things would change and how frequent change came with what we do. So, the plan was never to completely be separated, but I don’t believe in things until it happens. Nevertheless, here we are back together again, the boys are back and Big E is WWE champion and all is right with the world.”