Kofi Kingston Closing In On Return

Kofi Kingston passes out pancakes

Kofi Kingston is moving ever closer to a WWE return.

The New Day star has been out of action since March 3rd when he featured in a wild brawl on WWE SmackDown in the lead-up to WrestleMania 39. During the chaos, Drew McIntyre launched himself over the top rope onto a group of rivals and Kingston fell awkwardly injuring his ankle.

Kingston later had surgery on the injury, but he’s been working hard to get back. Following a report earlier in July that said the star would be back shortly, Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp has now offered a further update, noting that Kingston was said to be not far off returning.

“I was told that Kofi wasn’t supposed to be that far off [from returning], but that was a week or two ago, I believe.”

When Was Kofi Kingston World Champion?

Although he’s known as a modern tag team legend, Kingston has also tasted glory as a singles star. He’s a former United States and Intercontinental Champion, and he famously won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 35.

The New Day star held the title until he was defeated by Brock Lesnar 180 days later. It was recently revealed that Kofi Kingston’s controversial defeat was actually planned months in advance, and not the last-minute decision many believed.