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Kofi Kingston Admits The New Day “Fantasise” About Being Heels Again

Despite being one of the most popular acts in recent memory, The New Day’s Kofi Kingston has revealed that he and his teammates often fantasise about turning their backs on the WWE Universe.

In an exclusive interview with The Metro, Kingston spoke on how much he had enjoyed the trio’s initial run as villains and why it was unlikely that they would ever return to being heels:

(On turning heel) To be honest, we fantasise about it all the time. I tell people that I had the most fun in my career when I was yelling at children, and threatening to ground children, and threatening children.

I used to love just doing out there and antagonising children. They will always remember that moment of when, “I cheered for this guy against The New Day, he threatened to ground me but my guy beat him”. I love that dynamic, it’s so much fun and we think about it all the time, but these people won’t stop cheering for us. These people like their pancakes and their Booty-Os too much.

The former WWE Champion, who will be challenging for the belt at Sunday’s Money In The Bank event, went to discuss why a heel turn for the trio might not be at the top of Vince McMahon’s to-do list:

It’s not a realistic pitch, because usually if you go to pitch something, what you’re doing usually shouldn’t be working. Ours is working a little bit too well.

You have to be able to provide the evidence, you have to be able to make your case. “OK, why do you wanna change what’s working so well for me and making me so much money?” “Oh, we just wanna yell at kids, Vince!”

So whilst a switch in character might not be on the cards for Kingston and co, fans can look forward to seeing him challenge for the belt tonight at Money In the Bank.

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