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Kliq This Podcast With Kevin Nash & Sean Oliver Coming Soon

Kevin Nash Kliq This

Kevin Nash is the joining the world of podcasting and will be part of the Kliq This podcast alongside Sean Oliver!

Starting on July 11, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash will join forces with Sean Oliver of Kayfabe Commentaries to present Kliq This: The Kevin Nash Podcast every week. The show will be part of the Podcast Heat network, and according the network’s press release, will delve into all aspects of Big Sexy’s life. The press release describes the show as follows:

Former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW) heavyweight champion, original New World Order (NWO) member, and WWE Hall of Famer, “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash is set to jack-knife power bomb the podcast world with the launch of “Kliq This: The Kevin Nash Podcast.” Starting on July 11, Nash, along with co-host Sean Oliver (Kayfabe Commentaries), will bring their uncensored and unfiltered conversations to Podcast Heat, with new episodes dropping every Monday on both audio and video podcast outlets.

“Kliq This listeners will get a magical mystery tour into all aspect of life,” said Nash. “No topic is off limits or out of bounds. We will be pop culture driven, but not too timid to attack today’s current cancel culture.”

“Kliq This will be the best of what fans loved about our shoot interviews together, just on a much broader scale,” added Oliver. “Fans will slide up to the bar next to Kevin and me for banter and guests ranging from the stars of wrestling, to entertainment, to music and Lord knows what else.”

“Before podcasting became common place for professional wrestling, Sean Oliver and his Kayfabe Commentaries shoot interviews were the fans ‘go-to’ for behind-the-scenes stories and information,” said Podcast Heat founder Dave Greene. “And of all his interviews, Sean’s conversations with Kevin Nash were can’t miss. I can’t wait to hear what these guys have in store when the conversations can extend beyond just professional wrestling.”

The name of the podcast is in reference to the Kliq, an infamous and influential group of performers that included Nash along with Scott Hall, X-Pac, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H. The group became close friends while working in the WWF, and eventually Nash and Hall would go on to form the nWo after joining WCW in 1996.

Beginning his career in WCW in 1990, Nash had a number of gimmicks, none of which garnered him much success. He then rose to more prominence after joining the WWF in 1993, becoming known as Big Daddy Cool Diesel and serving as bodyguard to Shawn Michaels. He became WWF Champion in 1994 when he shockingly defeated Bob Backlund in just eight seconds.

After finding success in the WWF, Nash left for WCW in 1996 and went on to form the Outsiders alongside his friend Scott Hall. When the group gained Hulk Hogan as a third member, they became known as the nWo and ran roughshod over the company. During his time there, Nash won the WCW Heavyweight Championship five times as well as a number of other accolades.

After WCW was purchased by WWF, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Hulk Hogan reprised their nWo roles in the summer of 2002. He eventually stepped away from the company in 2004 when he needed neck surgery.

Nash then went on to work in TNA between 2004 and 2011, after which he made some independent appearances and returned to the WWE for one final run, feuding with CM Punk and Triple H.

Kevin Nash was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2011.