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Kizarny On His Potential Batman Villain Inspired Character

Catwoman Penguin

Former WWE Superstar Kizarny has discussed his wild idea for a character that takes inspiration from Batman movies of days gone by.

Kizarny – portrayed by Sinn Bodhi – briefly appeared in WWE in 2009 portraying a carnival sideshow character. He made a handful of televised appearances on SmackDown including defeating former US Champion MVP before he was released in March of the same year.

Speaking on The Dan And Benny In The Ring podcast, Kizarny discussed an idea for a character that seems more at home on a movie screen than in the wrestling ring:

“My entrance in my mind’s eye would have been you know, instead of pyro or anything like that I one of those big green black pyres of smoke and soot, like, you know, like brimstone, kind of like, a Flash Gordon movie where they would have been a gas chamber you saw that all murky, cloudy, red and black and green smoke, I would have had that. I would add little people, little people juggling and stilt walkers and contortionists and all sorts of really creepy hard to look at things I would have had cats and penguins whatever the heck, I could get my hands on budget-wise, you know. I would have come to the ring in a little tiny clown car where you couldn’t see what was in it. I would have had the clown car bump up against the ring, which underneath the ring I would have had loaded with clowns.

Kizarny continued:

“I would have a ton of clowns spilling out of a car that would come out of the ring. I would have stayed in the ring, kind of like Danny DeVito, playing Penguin and Batman to where he had that big Ducky, a big ducky. So I would have been in this really bizarre-looking clown car to have the babyface in the middle of the ring going like, ‘What the heck is going on?’ He’s get surrounded by clowns and there’s smoke and penguins and cats and jugglers and whatever the heck is all around. Then, I would have had the sunroof pop open and like a giant hot box just smoke come out of that car and have ‘curiosity killed the cat’ where the babyface kind of hops over the ropes hops onto the hood of the car looks into the sunroof and have a big one of those big mechanical boxing gloves come up and knock them and have them go flying back into the ring and then outcomes me like Danny DeVito in Batman. Boom, bada bing, 1-2-3, that’s what I would have done.”

h/t Fightful for the transcription