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Killian Dain Believes NXT Had To Change

Killian Dain Big Damo

Big Damo, formerly known as Killian Dain, shared his somewhat controversial opinion regarding the new direction of NXT 2.0.

During his time as Killian Dain, Big Damo found some success alongside his teammates in SAnitY before the group was called up to the SmackDown roster. When he returned to NXT, he formed a fan favorite tag team with rival-turned-friend Drake Maverick. The two even earned a shot at the NXT Tag Team Championships, but fell short when they were defeated by the newly crowned champions MSK.

Damo was released from the WWE on June 25th, 2021, a few months before the brand made its shift from the black and gold era to the brightly colored aesthetic of NXT 2.0. The change brought about not only new branding, but also a change in power behind the scenes and a focus on an entirely new set of talent.

Speaking to Nick Hausman on The WrestlingInc Daily, the Belfast native shared that he had a somewhat controversial view of the changes that have been brought about in NXT, calling the old system “hard to watch” at times because it followed too much of a formula.

“So, listen this is probably a controversial thing amongst my own colleagues and whatever else. But I felt like something did have to change, right? I noticed it, especially towards the end of my time there. NXT had found too much of a formula. When everybody was kind of wrestling the exact same way, it got noticeable, and it was hard to watch.

“Because there were all these super talented wrestlers, then you’d have the next group coming through trying to do the same stuff. Then the athletes and stuff who they’ve signed, they just aren’t able to do that kind of style. I think that was maybe an issue, so it didn’t surprise me that something changed.”

Big Damo continued, saying that while he’s upset for his friends that have lost their jobs due to WWE’s poor decision making, he understands why something had to change and why they’ve employed a new hiring strategy. He says that the company has always been cyclical in their policies, and believes that this will be the same in the end.

“Am I gutted for a lot of my friends who got cut? Of course, I am. A lot of people had food taken off their table with WWE, and their terrible decisions. But at the same time, did something have to change? Absolutely. Are they going to end up signing 100 college athletes? Yes, they will, and maybe only one will work out, but that to them is going to be their win.

“So, I understand that’s the avenue that they are going to go for. It will probably work for them, but it probably won’t. But then they’ll cycle back, and they’ll do something where they’ll bring the best of the indies in again, and it’s what they’ve done for 50 years.”

The former Killian Dain also noted that he feels the formulaic nature of NXT was doing a poor job of preparing its talent for the main roster, and that they were unprepared when they found themselves on Raw or SmackDown.

“I noticed it when we were doing matches, and stuff like that. It’s a very similar formula in every match. Whereas that’s not what the main roster is, that’s not what the main product is going to be. The main roster is a circus, there’s all kinds of different styles, and environments, shapes, and sizes.

“So, if you’re not preparing for the main roster, obviously there’s something that needs to change. So, from that part, I get it. I am a wrestling fan, I’ve been a wrestling fan forever. Was I gutted? Of course, I was. I think there’s a lot I could have given to the next crop of guys.”

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h/t WrestlingInc