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Killer Kross Reveals Female Fans Used To Send Him Underwear

Killer Kross fka Karrion Kross

Killer Kross has recalled his most embarrassing fan requests, saying he used to get sent – and asked for – underwear!

Speaking with Inside The Ropes’ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy for Issue 18 of Inside The Ropes Magazine, Killer Kross answered our 20 Questions and revealed who he thinks are the biggest jokers in WWE’s locker room.

“So, yeah, I’ve had a pretty wild fan base for the last few years. When I used to have a PO box, women used to mail me…

“Oh, boy, I’ve never said this before. They used to mail me their undergarments and stuff like that. And then they would ask me to send them underwear and socks, and stuff. Like, really weird stuff.”

Kross, however, said he never gets such strange requests in person – and the oddness becomes inspiration instead.

“In person, I haven’t really had anything overly strange happen in person, I’ve actually had people tell me how my performances and stuff that I had been doing carried them through really, really difficult times and allowed them to kind of escape momentarily.”

“That’s always very touching. You don’t think about stuff like that. You go to work and you’re going to work to have fun and create something cool, and you have no idea how far that goes for some people.”

During the 20 Questions segment of the interview, the former Karrion Kross added that being a wrestler is so much more special when fans tell him that sort of thing – but added that the “undergarments stuff” was pretty weird.

“That for me… I’m not pandering, I’m just telling you that, for me, that makes this job all the more special when you realise how much more it’s actually doing for some people and makes me feel more motivated to commit even further into what I’m doing, knowing that it can do that for some people.

“But in terms of just strange stuff, I would probably say the undergarments and that stuff has been pretty weird!”

Kross also joked how his guilty pleasure if that he loves to choke people out.

“I love to choke people out!”

Of course, Killer Kross clarified what he actually meant…

“I’m being more honest than I probably should be, so let me translate that before that quote gets taken out of context because it will. That’s good advertisement revenue for clicks!

“So in 2020, I put on a jiu jitsu gi. For anyone who’s not familiar with what a gi is, it’s basically the martial arts uniform, the white uniform that people see – in layman’s terms. And I did it because I had no choice. I began training at Gracie Bara and I wasn’t aware of the no gi class. I think it was like a prerequisite to own the gi.”

The former NXT Champion spoke about his love of jiu jitsu, and how he’s become a better person as a result of the discipline.

“I have gis in my closet, like if I ever did judo and stuff like that. But judo in a gi and jiu jitsu in a gi, they’re two completely different curriculums. It’s a completely different series of skill traits that you’re learning, although they criss-cross in terms of the education.

“Going to jiu jitsu classes and being able to learn about your own balance, your own temperament, learning about leverage and not having to muscle your way through everything, and learning technique-based stuff I had never imagined in my life that it would have changed the way I thought about doing things in my life – how I communicate with people, how I problem solve, how I do all of this stuff, where I needed to take my time with things.

“Things I was learning on the mat in the gi translated to my own behaviour as a man and. I also like the part I can choke people.”

You can read our 20 Questions With . . . Killer Kross interview in Issue 18 of Inside The Ropes Magazine, which is available to order now!