Killer Kelly Tried To Keep NXT UK Exit Secret

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Killer Kelly has officially left WWE and according to Fightful Select, made a concentrated effort to keep her departure from NXT UK a secret.

Wishing to keep her move away from prying eyes in order to build intrigue as to where she would end up next, even those on the black and red brand didn’t know she was no longer part of the crew, the Portuguese marvel was confirmed to have signed for IMPACT Wrestling during the promotion’s Turning Point event on November 14.

Speaking to the Wild On with Taylor Wilde show, Kelly reflected on her time with NXT UK, what she had learned while under the banner and her unusual journey to the biggest wrestling promotion in the world:

“I learned a lot by being there, the good and the bad. Now I can be my own self, my own person, and stand up for what I want because of that. By the end I was just like, okay, I’m happy but I’m unhappy. I think it’s time to move on.

Since NXT UK was taped now and then, there weren’t a lot of shows and then 2020 happened and I was back, I was ready to come back to the indies, and then COVID ruined everything. I need something more and now is the time to do it. I was Killer Kelly, I went to WWE, Killer Kelly died. Got out, Killer Kelly was reborn.”

Killer Kelly recalled the journey which led her to World Wrestling Entertainment and the promotion’s British brand for which she served as a founder of the women’s division:

“All of my colleagues, they all had tryouts. I didn’t have a tryout. I don’t get it, how I got there, like what happened? Did I miss something? Me and Toni [Storm] were like the last ones that took the photo [at a photoshoot], so we were just hanging like in our gears just like watching and [William Regal] was just like, ‘Hey, you two wanna hop in the ring?’ And we’re just hanging around doing like our stuff, and he was like , ‘Good stuff, good stuff.’ Was this like the tryout? I don’t even know. Like I don’t know what happened and then click, I was there.”

Though she was part of the brand’s – then titled WWE United Kingdom Championship – inaugural female match at the Royal Albert Hall against Toni Storm, Isla Dawn and Jinny who was removed from the bout early on due to injury, in 2018, Kelly’s time in NXT UK was less than successful.

Competing in just twelve television matches as part of the roster, Kelly was only ever awarded a victory in Dark Matches against Millie McKenzie and Charlie Morgan.

The former wXw Women’s Champion would team with Rene Michelle in the upcoming tournament to crown new IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Champions.

Credit for the interview: Wild On

h/t for the transcription: WrestleZone