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Kevin Sullivan Backs The Undertaker As WWE Booker

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Professional wrestling legend, ‘The Taskmaster’ Kevin Sullivan, has spoken on his belief that The Undertaker should be the man booking modern day WWE.

After over fifty years in the industry, Sullivan has seen his fair share of bookers and promotions come and ago. He’s been the mastermind behind some of the greatest non-WWE bouts in history and has had first experience of the inner-working of the industry.

In the early nineties, the talent was appointed to the WCW booking team under Ric Flair and alongside Jim Cornette and was present when Jim Herd suggested Ric Flair sheer his trademark locks and adopt the gimmick of Spartacus.

His guidance was invaluable to ‘The Nature Boy’ behind the scene in World Championship Wrestling so much so that Kevin served as head booker for the promotion on several occasions. Now the seventy one year old legend looks to guide others in the right direction, especially when he feel they are veering into dangerous territory.

Now, Kevin Sullivan has sat down with VOC Nation to give his opinion on the current state of the industry and who, in his opinion, should be booking WWE programming into the future:

“If I was Vince McMahon, I would ask [The Undertaker] ‘What do you need and we’ll give it to you and stay out of your way and you book it.’ I think the Undertaker would turn that business around in six months.”

Like Randy Orton, The Undertaker has shown an interest in helping the future flourish in recent months and now he’s retired from the industry could be an invaluable source to mine in the years to come.

Certainly, ‘The Phenom’ has his own ideas as to what a world champion should be and how storylines should be booked to maximise effect and drama. He’s stated all of these beliefs in the weeks leading up to his retirement at Survivor Series on November 22.

Stepping away from WWE’s current booking policy, Sullivan was keen to put forth a few names of men he’d worked with who deserved their own place in the WWE Hall of Fame:

“The guys that should be in the Hall of Fame are the enhancement talent that made us look good. Without them, we wouldn’t have drawn money. I was lucky enough that I got to wrestle in single matches with Andre the Giant. I had a three-year run with Dusty Rhodes, I wrestled Hogan for three years, I wrestled Blackjack Mulligan, Barry Windham, Wahoo McDaniel, Ernie Ladd; I’ve gotten to wrestle the crème de la crème. I look back and I say, wow, I was very lucky that they were nice enough to say, ‘Let’s make this kid’ and they did. It takes two to tango and they did more of the work than I did, that’s for sure.

These kids are the greatest athletes of any generation. They’re fabulous… Look at the guy who has drawn the most money in the history of wrestling. Nobody has drawn as much money as The Undertaker for as long as he’s gone, ever. Eve. Just this year, he decided to get on social media. Do you think guys that have great matches [are supposed to] get on social media and say ‘Brother we had a barn burner tonight, it was wonderful, thank you very much, see you next week.

I mean, it’s like going to a movie – the willing suspension of disbelief. The problem I have is because they are much more talented – they are so far above our generation – if they would watch what they would say a little, they would be better off. That’s my opinion, and everybody has an opinion.”

A great protector of kayfabe, Kevin Sullivan will be remembered by a newer generation for his time in Smokey Mountain Wrestling, ECW before it became extreme and of course World Championship Wrestling where he lead the Dungeon of Doom against Hulk Hogan and had classics with the likes of the late Chris Benoit.

However, to fans of pre-nineties grappling, the man in question will always be a member of the celebrated Varsity Club and The Boston Battler, the name of which he plied his trade in Championship Wrestling From Florida in the seventies.

Credit for the interview: VOC Nation

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.