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Kevin Owens Says WWE Talents Were Never Contacted By ROH About Final Battle

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Kevin Owens has denied speculation suggesting that WWE Superstars were prevented from contributing to Ring of Honor Final Battle, revealing they were never asked to be involved.

On December 11th, Ring of Honor held Final Battle, an event dubbed ‘The end of an era.’ Ahead of the show it had been announced that the promotion would be going on hiatus, with all of it’s wrestlers free to seek work elsewhere.

Throughout the emotional event, numerous video packages were shown from former Ring of Honor stars including the likes of CM Punk, Bryan Danielson and The Young Bucks. However, fans were quick to pick up on the fact that none of the videos had come from wrestlers contracted to WWE. This naturally led to speculation that the likes of Kevin Owens had been blocked from being involved with the show.

Appearing on the Les anti-pods de la lutte, Owens has now attempted to put those rumours to rest. Commenting on why no WWE Superstars sent in videos for the show, KO explained that neither WWE or the wrestlers themselves were contacted by ROH.

“The answer is quite simple: Ring of Honor didn’t ask any wrestlers from WWE to do that, nor contacted anyone at WWE,”

“I knew it was going to be their last show, but I didn’t think to send a video so they could play it at the show. I’ve watched it. I was at a WWE show, and I was watching it on my phone, so it was not something I simply ignored. I’ve read some people on the Internet saying that probably WWE didn’t let us do it, but that’s incorrect. It’s just ROH who didn’t ask us, and I bet that if they had, we could have done it, but that wasn’t the case.”

Ahead of signing with WWE in 2014, Kevin Owens had become synonymous with ROH engaging in a memorable feud with Sami Zayn. Reflecting on his run with the company, Owens said that there was a time where he thought he would remain with ROH for the rest of his career.

“It’s funny cause I often ask myself that same question. Of course, it gave me a very important platform in the United States. But at the end of the day, William Regal saw me at a PWG show. Even before I started full-time with ROH in 2007, I had a good name on the indies because of PWG.

So sometimes I wonder if things would have not become what they became with ROH, if I would have made it to WWE anyway. Maybe, maybe not, I don’t know. But at the same time, there was a point in my career where I thought ROH would be where I would spend my whole career.

Even if my goal was always to go with WWE, there’s was a point in my life where I had my son and my wife, and I was thinking that traveling so much like I would have had to do in WWE was not the best thing for me, so I was thinking that the more time I can make a living working ROH, that’s what I would do.

However, with time, my priorities changed a little, my family’s priorities changed a little, and that’s when WWE became my goal again. So ROH was a big influence and a huge part of my career, but I often wonder if ROH would have not been part of my career, if I would have made it to WWE anyway. A huge part of me thinks so. That said, I have plenty of good and fun memories with ROH, and I’m very happy to have been a part of ROH for all those years.”

Kevin Owens himself had been the subject of increasing speculation in recent weeks and months with the end of his WWE contract in sight. However, the former Universal Champion chose to re-sign with the company in a deal believed to be worth between $2 and $3 million per year.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.